KCI is at the forefront of best practices and quality investments in the Immigrant Investor Visa program.

KCI Capital is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this program because of our access to high-quality business projects and our alliance with federally regulated financial institutions and investment management companies. Not only do foreign investors receive permanent residency, by working with us they are also equity investors in high-quality investments with an expected return on their invested capital.

  • Access to high quality business opportunities in real estate, development, and manufacturing, all of which will substantially exceed the U.S. Government’s job creation requirements.
  • The company’s principals have extensive experience and expertise in private equity as well as functional expertise in law, accounting and finance.
  • KCI is the single point of accountability in providing full-service, back-office processing and coordination with investor.
  • KCI has made significant efforts to ensure that your investment will exceed all U.S. Government requirements and be managed with a high professional and ethical standard.
  • Transparency of investment; 3rd party management of back-office processes, quarterly financial reporting to investors, independent audit of investments.

Qualified Projects

KCI Capital identifies and develops companies with the potential to deliver solid economic returns, generate good paying employment opportunities for its workers, and create a durable enterprise that delivers long-standing value to the market. Great companies are created with outstanding management, dedicated founders, supportive directors and involved and committed investors. KCI helps coordinate these participants and guide the companies and their management through the myriad of corporate structure and finance issues which confront companies while they are trying to deal with the development of their technology, marketing, sales and implementation of their business plan.

KCI’s EB-5 Program’s project investment criteria varies, depending on the level of development and needs of each portfolio company. However, for early stage “at risk” financing, KCI rigorously screens and only invests in companies who we are confident will meet the requirements for EB-5 Program compliance. This includes projects that are comfortable meeting and exceeding job-creation requirements, projects that are executed under a timeline ahead of USCIS filing requirements, and projects that provide higher than average investor returns and quicker returns on capital investments.

Comprehensive Client Services

KCI’s staff of professionals and extensive partner network has in-depth knowledge of the latest immigration procedures related to the Immigrant Investor Program. Our services to investors include, but are not limited to:

  • Preparation of documentation for visa applications.
  • Monitoring of the project as it relates to job creation and expected returns.
  • Preparation of reports to investors regarding the status of the investment project.
  • Preparation of reports to USCIS regarding projects and investor statistics.
  • Tax-planning assistance.
  • Relocation and school placement assistance, if desired.